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Jonathan Halperin

Jonathan J. Halperin
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     Organizational Change

Maryland, United States

Change has been at the core of my work for more than three decades – helping individuals and organizations drive, manage, or respond to it successfully.  Change is the only thing we can count on with complete certainty.

While it can be overwhelming and intimidating, change is also our path to opportunity.  It is how we grow, individually and as a society.  I believe we each have the power to change patterns of behavior that are not getting us where we want to go.  I’ve see this in my work work with leaders of large Western companies in the Soviet Union and with public school teachers in Washington, DC.  We design actionable strategies that empower people and organizations to lean into change with confidence.


The Tiny Habits behavior model adds a powerful, new tool to our suite of services.


What’s your strategy for change?

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