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Jess Cabrera

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Florida, United States

I help ambitious introverts who are overwhelmed, overstimulated, and just over it become Aligned Introverts.

I do this by helping them work with their introversion instead of fighting against it.

My mission is to help every client uncover how extrovert bias has shaped their day-to-day experience so that they can move forward with less self-judgment and self-doubt.

Then, I help clients create a daily experience that serves their needs and wants as introverts using Tiny Habits.

My coaching focuses on these five areas: mindset, preventing overstimulation, rest & recharge, automating boundaries, and self-soothing.

The results? More energy, more confidence, and more self-trust.

I offer 7-week coaching packages that include weekly 1:1 coaching sessions, email coaching, guided journaling, and countless resources.

I also lead group workshops on introversion and Tiny Habits for introversion; offer corporate programs; and work with organizations to improve the employee experience of their introverted people.


After a decade of working in advertising, I was lost in the depths of chronic burnout. I knew something had to change, so l quit my full-time job to start a six-figure business.

It was the right move, but at the time, I lacked the awareness I needed to build a business in alignment with my introversion.

Finding myself right back in the same state of burnout and self-doubt, I pressed pause on my business.

I poured myself into researching, learning, healing, and developing frameworks & resources to help me connect to my introversion, own my personality traits, and honor boundaries that keep me energized & safe.

Now, it’s my mission to share everything I’ve learned and support other introverts to do the same.

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