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Janet Macaluso, Ed.M., MSOD, CPC

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     Peak Performance

Malaga, Spain

I work with successful midlife professionals on the edge — of a new identity, change or contribution. They’ve read books, attended classes. But… generic Best Practices led to generic results.

As a retired executive in Leadership & Organization Development with numerous degrees and certifications, I offer 25 years of practical, corporate experience and, something different: An anti-hero Regenerative Leadership Framework. Along with a growth-minded community, you’ll renew your next chapter, lifestyle business or cause.

Transform your “1st-half” successes into “2nd-half” significance with modern science, ancient wisdom and a nudge from me.
– Create life-affirming habits
– Evolve personally & professionally
– Become non-displaceable
Move on. Move out. Step up. Step down. Build more capability with an anti-fragile, Regenerative Leadership approach. Let your unique essence shine through.

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