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Eva Gruber

Eva Gruber – Habit Coach & Space Curator
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     Stress Reduction/Resilience

     Product Design

     Home Organization

Vienna, Austria


Makers & Multi Potentials are very driven people who have tons of interests, sparking ideas, projects, tasks, and luckily also many talents to make them happen. Doing so, they tend to have “too many hats on”. Their many roles in life and work lead to stressful days, too little breaks, lack of quality me-time, unhealthy behaviors like binge-eating, not saying “No!” as often as finally wanted, and not asking for more support to make life easier. Eva Gruber coaches Makers & Multi Potentials to foster their energy, resilience and joy – to make things that truly matter in life and work happen.


Eva Gruber especially supports Makers & Multi Potentials in designing easier rhythms of life and work, and creating its needed structures as well as physical and digital spaces to make daily life easier. Moreover, Eva Gruber guides e.g. parents and entrepreneurs to reflect on their behavior, aiming at creating healthy habits, and limiting or stopping bad habits to achieve one’s aspirations. Why? Habits are – next to one’s physical and digital spaces – a key leverage for personal change to live healthier and happier.


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Lastly, Eva Gruber co-designs so called Human Products & Services. They enable people to live healthier and happier, e.g. health programs or educational apps. Many offers are well intended, nicely designed but still lack one crucial element for an impactful user experience: Their application in everyday life doesn’t work or last as it is too hard to do, not creating the aspired impact. Eva Gruber makes “this last mile” happen, supporting offers to be sustainably applied with their features, increasing retention and satisfaction rates, creating the intended impact.


Eva Gruber is…

– A certified Tiny Habits® Coach – trained and mentored at Stanford Behavior Design Lab by world-famous behavior researcher and best-selling author and Professor BJ Fogg PhD.

– A certified KonMari Consultant – trained and mentored by world-famous tidying expert and best-selling author Marie Kondo.

– An entrepreneur specialised in Sustainable Behavioral Change – for 8+ years.

– A passionate Maker & Multi Potential for about 39 years.


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