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Ellen Khalifa

Coherent Communications: Content Made Clear
Cell Phone: 510-677-0603


     Healthy Aging

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California, United States

Baby Boomers are changing what it means to grow older; Tiny Habits can make this phase of life healthier, more positive and easier to navigate. Learn to stay adaptable, resilient and upbeat as we map out our “Third Age” of life and defy stereotypes. Practicing the Tiny Habits method has brought lasting change to my life and I can help you bring that success to your life, too.

I’ve spent decades developing people-centered communications in healthcare. Health education often tells us the “what” and “why” of being active partners in our wellbeing but Tiny Habits gives us the specific tools for “how” to make growing older happier, healthier and safer.

I’m a Peer Educator for American Bone Health and a co-leader of the Longevity Explorers, part of the Tech-Enhanced Life. I continue my work developing people-centered communications in healthcare.

I continue my work developing people-centered communications in healthcare and have a certificate in UX writing (user experience writing for digital media).

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