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What is it that you do with Human Performance Coaching? People ask. My answer is what I feel ” I am in the Business of making a team with my clients to provide the Clarity, power up the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Energy and create a system of accountability to help them break the habit of who they are at the moment, empathize them to their highest potential, and then walk that process together one little step at a time”.

Who I Work With?

People between 30-50 years of age and small Growth Minded corporations, that are already clear about the need of a change or an impulse into becoming a better human being, and close the gap between who they are and their best performance, but unclear on what’s needed and how to accomplish it. With preferences in clients whom needs align with Energy Management, Habit Design and breaking limitation of beliefs system.

About me

I am just a human being, just like you, in my late 30s, and a lot of things to deal with. Someone who 25 years ago lost his parents and everything else that comes with it, and had to learn about self compassion, intuition, empathy, personal development and life not the easiest way. But also chose to learn about himself, about inner practices, resilience and how to move always forward. Someone who 13 years ago chose a career on construction engineering and project management, and had to learn about trust, teams, rapport, habits, productivity and the difference between authority and leadership. Someone who 9 years ago developed what a doctor call ” A modern Common Chronic Disease ” that made me feel the worst, but also someone who chose to learn about Functional health, Energy Management, Nutrition, Sports Biomechanics and performance, to break myself the Tag of ” Being Sick”.

Today, the moment that matters, I am healthy, energetic, and open to keep trying, making mistakes and learning. I am someone who from the heart believe that can help the world to become a better place, by helping others to make a choice of change and be better, one soul at a time.

If you are someone like me, someone with the certainty that becoming a better person is just one choice away, and a life process, then, I want to walk that process with you.

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