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Debi Talbert

Jumpseat Coaching
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     Stress Reduction/Resilience
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Florida, United States

Hey there, nice to meet you. I’m a recently retired Flight Attendant turned Life Coach. Now I help people exit the drinking life, put their own oxygen mask on first and decide with intention where and how alcohol fits into the lives they want to create and live.

I remember how broken and unworthy I felt during my turbulent relationship with alcohol. Lost. Like I was alone. Broken somehow. I broke up with alcohol on September 1, 2016. I’ve never looked back nor do I considered myself recovered. I consider myself a person who chose to take something out of my life that no longer worked in it.

I want you to know you aren’t flawed, broken, defective, or alone.

If you decide to ring the Flight Attendant “call light” and ask for help, you’ll experience a mix of turbulence and joy. I’m here to help you navigate the entire experience. You’ll learn how to trust yourself again, understand the struggle it’s a you defect plus create compassion, love, and acceptance for yourself.

My niche is helping individuals in their midlife years. The kids are leaving or have left the nest, you want to grow into your fullest potential and alcohol is getting in your way.

I offer a virtual life coaching membership, private coaching, and masterminds.

Ring the call light and let me guide you to a life filled with joy, bliss, harmony, and personal growth.

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