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Colleen Bertrand MBA, RYT

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     Employee Health and Wellness

     Stress Reduction/Resilience

Pennsylvania, United States

I create workplace wellness programming and coaching programs for people at risk of burn-out. These programs help professionals manage their energy to maintain healthy work-life equilibrium. In the process they become more resilient and even “good at change”. My clients are modern professionals with multiple commitments leading complex lives. In meeting the demands of work and family in a fast-changing world, they are finding that their health and relationships are suffering. This can eventually lead to breakdowns, performance issues, disconnection and burn-out.


My work focuses on reconnecting clients back to their bodies and to their agency by teaching fundamental health habits around protecting sleep, establishing morning routines, balancing digestion and incorporating functional movement into their daily routines. Some clients may need to take dramatic action in their lives. More often than not, though, it’s small incremental changes in a supportive environment that bring people back into a dynamic balance. I leverage my experience in both the corporate (10+years) and wellness sectors (14+years) to create solutions consistent with organizational reality and bottom-line goals. I understand the stressors of working in a high performance and/or mission-driven environment and how prioritizing health translates into a life of joy, impact and contribution.


I incorporate holistic lifestyle wisdom from the traditions including Yoga, Ayurveda and Mindfulness with the Tiny Habits method. The research-based Tiny Habits method helps clients take immediate, meaningful action toward their wellbeing NOW without relying on high motivation or willpower.

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