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Cheryl Parker

Cell Phone: 7032839756


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Texas, United States

Unreleased feelings of guilt, shame, and anxiety only stifle one’s spiritual growth. Unmet expectations of God, others, and even ourselves can quickly lead to discouragement and resignation in our spiritual journey. I’m on a mission to guide seekers and believers in cultivating a genuine, consistent connection with their higher being. Through a guided process, I work with clients to unearth the core of one’s aspirations or dreams. Then we take a microscopic look at the subconscious activities done everyday. From this exploration, we design easy, actionable Tiny Habit Recipes towards creating the intimacy with God the heart longs for. Spiritual practices that once seemed unsustainable become second nature. After working with me, clients will experience growth and groundedness in their emotional wellbeing that overflows into every area of their life.

A bit about me: I’m a purpose-driven entrepreneur who inspires and empowers others to take actions beyond their imagination, thereby transforming themselves, their communities and ultimately the world.

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