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Texas, United States


Beth began coach training in 2001 and graduated from Coach U in 2003. This followed successful years in real estate and as a restaurant owner. She’s coached entrepreneurs, writers, teachers, small business owners, and even a Hollywood star. The common thread was the need to shift mindsets and create new habits in order to reach their aspirations. That’s why Beth became a Tiny Habits® Certified Coach. She found BJ Fogg, PhD to be the leading expert on behavior design. Beth wanted to help her clients find a science-backed, practical method of developing habits. She found the Tiny Habits® Method simplified the habit-building process while creating positive transformations that helped people experience the vastness of their abilities while feeling good.


When considering coaching you may feel: Stuck, challenged, overwhelmed, unfocused, drained, or discouraged. Sound familiar?


Results previous clients have experienced working with Beth:
* Inspired to create new strategies, take new actions, and learn proven techniques to get back on a path you can feel excited about
* Feeling good: refueled, resilient, and more confident
* Learning the Tiny Habits® Method of behavior design (so you design your habits instead of current habits designing you), a science-backed approach for developing the habits you want
* Acting on priorities first… yes, the actions that move you towards your aspirations
* A growth mindset that knows how to overcome, set boundaries, and thrive
* Deep work time scheduled regularly to create and produce value without disruptions
* Improved decision-making skills
* Breakthroughs to your authentic self


Small Business Owners may:
* Improve self-care
* Reduce stress for a happier team
* Leverage employee strengths and passions to level up
* Simplify with systems
* Identify and creatively problem-solve challenges
* Make your customer experience memorable
* Pinpoint where time is wasted and tweak to streamline
* Experience peace of mind


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