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Becca Reed

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     Healthy Aging

California, United States

A coach is an ally, who travels with you on your journey from who you are to who you wish to be. You set the pace and the milestones. I take the 10,000 foot view and keep you headed toward your destination. Together, we unlock your potential and a meaningful life.

Who I Work With
I specialize in executive women over 50 who love their careers and who want to stay sharp, energized, innovative, healthy and – last but not least – happy.

I work with those who want to perform at higher level; who have discovered some gaps in their lives and are ready to fill them. Some have a destination in mind but can’t seem to get there. Some have arrived only to find there is no “there” there. Some are doing great in certain domains like work and family but health and wellbeing – not so much.

When you are ready to make any kind of change in your life, working with a coach is an effective way to move forward much quicker than you could on your own.

About me
I’m a life coach, a laser focused listener and endlessly curious.

I worked in Television for 35 years; 18 as an executive. I still consult. For ten years of that time, I was a health and medical television producer. I loved that job. The opportunity to empower viewers with cutting edge information about staying well was very rewarding. I traveled far and wide to find the next health breakthrough. I interviewed hundreds of doctors, scientists and experts on the cutting edge of human physiology and psychology. One of the important things I discovered was that no single approach works for everyone. Like a snowflake on Kilimanjaro, our minds and bodies and are unique! We need to find what works for our individual self.

I also learned it takes more than knowing what to do for you to actually do it. That’s what got me interested in coaching. I see as the missing link between knowing you want to change and actually changing. I still love to empower others to be their best selves.

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