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Andrew Zimmermann

Cell Phone: (408) 828-8046



After graduating from Stanford and spending time as a researcher in the Stanford School of Medicine and Behavior Design Lab, Andrew began to consult with companies helping them understand the behavioral drivers of their clients and build behavior modification and behavior change programs at scale including work with Nike, Genentech, AstraZeneca, and Becton Dickinson.

Currently, Andrew gives keynote presentations, conducts workshops, and consults clients on the application of behavioral psychology to industry challenges (also known as “Behavior Design”).

When he’s not designing solutions for clients, he can be found fielding questions about his height (6’9″), whether he used it to the fullest potential (yes, I played basketball at Stanford) and continues to put his height to good use dusting the tops of refrigerators, grabbing things off of tall shelves, and providing a spectacle for people walking the streets of New York.

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