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Andrew Yee

Cell Phone: 4082219087


     Productivity/Time Management
     General Habit Support

     Productivity/Time Management

California, United States

I build the systems you need to help you succeed.

Any success in life you want to achieve is built on systems. I can help you build them so you get where you want to go.

* Personal Systems – These are the collections of habits and disciplines that guide your life and keep you moving toward your purpose. I can help you build the habits you need and teach you how to construct your own in the future.

* Relational Systems – Your relationships are vital to your well-being and personal success. I teach you how to listen and receive others so that they feel valued in your eyes and are inclined to share more deeply with you.

* Educational Systems – You have something you want to share with the world. I can help you teach others about it.

* Organizational Systems – Every organization needs to understand how you all work together to achieve your goals. I can help you organize your work so that you can have consistent, sustainable success.

I currently develop business infrastructure and lead transformation efforts for a private university. I am a trained spiritual director, theologian, engineer, and a Tiny Habits Certified Coach. My areas of personal passion include spiritual formation, habit formation, productivity, and empathetic listening skills.

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