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Andrea Ames

Idyll Point™ Group
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     Product Design
     Organizational Change

Maine, United States

I provide executive, leadership, and organizational coaching, facilitation, training, and consulting for corporate product professionals and teams, and I am passionate about making people—clients, colleagues, and the community at large—wildly successful!

I bring 35+ years experience designing and developing products and leading and mentoring product content and experience professionals, as well as 25 years of teaching and speaking experience and my Tiny Habits® coach certification, Co-Active coach training, and Design Thinking facilitation skills to help my clients achieve influence, the highest levels of performance without burnout, and the recognition, acknowledgement, and stakeholder support that they need and deserve.

I also help small businesses and entrepreneurs providing their expertise in content products—like courses, workshops, and information-oriented memberships—to increase trial conversions, product adoption, customer retention, and customer advocacy by helping them to design transformational experiences that deliver wild success to their customers.

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