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     Social Impact

     Social Impact

London, UK

Social Impact Coaching is about being useful to key workers, leaders and career changers with balancing their wellbeing, performance and purpose, allowing them to do more great work while feeling greater and creating positive ripples beyond…

I believe we, as humans, tend to slip into autopilot and find ourselves trying to control the uncontrollable, expecting the unrealistic, criticising ourselves and mis-communicating with others. We’ll work together in learning how to dial in your focus and the quality of your thinking, dial up your communication and your behaviours, and dial down interference, leading to greater wellbeing, greater performance and purposeful impact for you, rippling out to those around you and beyond.

I work with clients who want to be clearer and in more control, are brave enough to seek short term support, be open about their struggles and successes, and are committed to creating sustained purposeful change for themselves and beyond.

My clients have;
improved productivity and relationships;
reduced stress, confusion and frustration;
developed positive habits and confidence;
stepped up in leadership roles;
been promoted and specially recognised;
got new jobs and started businesses.

I have worked with clients from;
International, national and local organisations
Education, Healthcare and Government organisations
Social Enterprises, Charities and companies that embody social responsibility
Leadership, Career Development, Start Up and Social Impact programmes

To me, coaching is like a tailored training programme designed between you and me to develop your skills so you can achieve your aspirations faster through developing more clarity, creativity and control.

I believe ‘we’re all doing the best we can, with what we have, in the situation, with what we have right now’
I believe ‘we all get to where we need to go in the end…’

Coaching is an effective way to reduce the time, the struggle and the cost it takes to get to a place we need and want to be, through personal development.

Is coaching right for me or my situation?

Coaching could be a good fit for you if you want support to;
Find your own answers to questions which are important and actively on your mind
Consider, create and safely test options
Make key decisions and take action
Focus on crafting a positive future
Make use of past experiences

Let’s talk so any questions can be answered and you can make the decision that’s best for you and your situation.

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