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Photo of Edith Asibey

Edith Asibey

Asibey Consulting
I help mission-driven organizations take audiences from Intention to Action: how to get people involved in causes that matter and keep them involved in the long-run. My clients are nonprofits, foundations and socially responsible corporations in the U.S. and abroad that are working on the biggest challenges of today: health and well-being for all, quality education for all children, climate action and more.…

Photo of Ibrahim Ayub

Ibrahim Ayub

I’m an experience strategy and design consultant based in New York advising a wide range of clients, from Fortune 10 to local non-profits. For companies, I empathize and understand their users to design new meaningful products, services, and experiences. For individuals, I apply a similar design approach to empower them to be more intentional with their day, and actively create the habits and routines needed to create fulfilling lives.

Photo of Payam Bahrampoor

Payam Bahrampoor

I am an instructional designer! Instructional designing to improve the life quality of people in real sense. As an instructional designer, I love creating combinations! Combination of different fields.

Some of them are as follows:

Training speech and presentation +modern education technology

The audience needs analysis + MBTI

Motivational speech + science-based researches

Speech anxiety management + ACT psychology and mindfulness

Training communication skills + choice theory

Counseling sessions management + Inquiry and coaching

I am glad that these combinations have already had huge effects, and I am glad that since the establishment of +1 in 2012 we have used the slogan of being more effective than one single person to make to world a much prettier place to live.

Photo of Ellen Beattie, Ph.D.

Ellen Beattie, Ph.D.

Dr. Ellen N. Beattie is an educational leader, faculty member, and national presenter. Her areas of expertise include neuroscience-based teaching and learning, online faculty and student success, student retention, and educational leadership. Her research focuses on the relationship between applied neuroscience, andragogy, positive psychology, and mindfulness. Dr. Ellen promotes lifelong learning and guides her client’s personal and professional growth from a framework of intentional learning, positive psychology, mindfulness, and empowerment.

Photo of Kristy Bertenshaw

Kristy Bertenshaw

I help clients become emotionally resilient, mindful and more productive using science & research-based tools and strategies.

Change anything, anywhere, anytime. Turn your problems into fun puzzles to solve.

Overcome fear & anxiety.

Reduce body-fat & get healthy.

Become more productive.

Take time to truly disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with people who matter (including yourself).…

Photo of Kristiana Burk

Kristiana Burk

RVIV Studio
I help women who feel stressed-out, overwhelmed or stuck reconnect with mind+body+soul using the latest behavior design and career discovery tools, including the Tiny Habits method. Certified Tiny Habits Coach and Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Instructor.

At the corporate level, I work with education and literacy-based organizations to build digital products, content and communities that result in lifelong behavior change.

Photo of Ariane Cap

Ariane Cap

CapCat Music Media inc
I am a music educator and performer, author, and course creator. My main expertise lies in helping musicians to practice more effectively, access their creativity via targeted ear training and improvisation exercises and to develop their own voice on the instrument. Becoming effective in musical practice that way tends to benefit my students in various areas of their lives, not just music.

Photo of Judith Cardenas

Judith Cardenas

Strategies By Design Group is a Consultancy Agency offering award-winning Innovation Training and Consulting Services to corporations and clients worldwide. We specialize in helping leaders and organizations build their innovation capacity and develop agile teams and in helping transform the way your people learn, manage change, and solve complex problems.

Photo of Joe Casey

Joe Casey

Joe Casey is an executive coach, who also helps people create purposeful lives in retirement (and early retirement); pivot to meaningful second careers; and thrive in the second half of life. Major life transitions are a great time to build new habits and begin moving toward What’s Next.

Prior to becoming a coach, Joe was a senior HR leader at Merrill Lynch, where he was most recently SVP & Head of HR for Global Markets and Investment Banking.…

Photo of Michael Coulter

Michael Coulter
The World’s only ex-D&AD Copy judge & ex-Do Lectures CD, (so far), to coach Advertising and Marketing Creative Professionals the Tiny Habits® Method of behaviour change.

Photo of Oscar de Bos

Oscar de Bos

I’m the co-founder of the Amsterdam based company and co-author of the book Focus ON/OFF.

I love to coach people to not only bring more focus and productivity to their lives but also to take better breaks to recover the brain.

Photo of Denise Dempsey M.Ed.

Denise Dempsey M.Ed.

I help people develop the kind of habits that support meditation, mindfulness and well-being. Drawing on Tiny Habits, I can help you build the healthy habits you want into the fabric of all your days. With over 15 years of as a health educator and consultant, I have worked both one on one with clients as well as teaching Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and brain health classes for health systems like Sutter Health, Hill Physician’s Group, U.C.…

Photo of Alessandra Edwards

Alessandra Edwards

Alessandra Edwards is a peak performance expert with over a decade’s experience working at the cutting edge of tailored health and ultra-wellness programs for corporate leaders, Olympic athletes and high performing teams. Combining a background in Health Science and Clinical Nutrition with a Postgraduate Professional Certificate in Genetics and Genomics Alessandra works with exceptional leaders and teams who want to reach their highest level of physical and mental performance.

Photo of Graham English

Graham English

As a professional musician and best-selling author, I’m qualified to help clients design habits and routines around writing and creating content, acquiring talent and skills, and successfully marketing their work.

Photo of John Fitzgerald

John Fitzgerald

My goal is to help you form long-lasting healthy habits for achieving the healthiest you possible. I will work with you on what foods are best to eat, how to make exercise part of your daily routine and give you the tools to create habits to make all of these healthy changes part of what you do every day.

Photo of Dani Fox

Dani Fox

Dani holds a MBA from Binghamton University and a BA in Physical Anthropology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She received her Clinical Hypnotherapist Diploma from The Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy (formerly Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy.) Dani is also a Licensed Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, having been trained by creator and founder, Dr. Richard Bandler, John and Kathleen LaValle.…

Photo of Charlie Garland

Charlie Garland

Charlie Garland is founder of The Innovation Habit, LLC, a coaching and consulting service based upon BJ Fogg’s Tiny Habits method as well as his Behavior Design model. In addition, Charlie is a board member of the Creative Education Foundation. He is also a Senior Fellow of HITLAB (Healthcare Innovation & Technology Laboratory) @ Columbia University Medical Center, researching the dynamics of human cognition and performance.…

Photo of Lucia Giovannini

Lucia Giovannini

I wake up every morning to empower people and organizations through positive change; so they may create better lives for themselves and all sentient beings that we are so interconnected with.

I’m also a transformational speaker, Transformational Coach, Environmental & Animal Activist and author of 13 books, including “A Whole New Life”, which just launched in US bookstores and has been translated in over 9 languages including Arabic.…

Photo of Jonny Goldstein

Jonny Goldstein

Visualize Good
Jonny Goldstein is an NYU trained creative artist and a Tiny Haibits trained coach. As an artist Jonny specializes in supporting meetings and conferences by drawing the conversations swirling around the events as large scale murals in a practice called graphic recording. His clients include the UN, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and Ben & Jerry’s.…

Photo of Pedro L. Gonzalez

Pedro L. Gonzalez

Dr. Pedro Luis González
I help people and organziations to align their objectives with their real behaviours relating health and wellbeing.

I design pathways to help people make better decisions and companies to have more effective marketing and communication for a solid engagement with their stakeholders.

Photo of Kate Hand

Kate Hand

Learning by Hand
I have 20 years experience working with a variety of organizations including everything from professional service firms to UN agencies, with a couple of educational institutions and private sector companies thrown in for good measure.

My clients and colleagues appreciate the candour and passion that I bring to help them solve performance issues with practical solutions.…

Photo of Angela Hansen, RDN

Angela Hansen, RDN

I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist specializing in working with clients interested changing their nutrition habits with the goal of enhanced feelings of energy and well-being. I find that most of my clients know what to eat, they just don’t know how to start on their journey of improving their health and well being. Tiny Habits® is the perfect method for helping clients achieve sustained nutrition and lifestyle habits.…

Photo of Aidan Hickey

Aidan Hickey

I empower people to take control of their biology among a supportive community.

Photo of Josh Hollingsworth

Josh Hollingsworth
I help busy people develop strength and wellness using brief bodyweight exercises and the Tiny Habits® Method.

I am a pharmacist (PharmD) and researcher (PhD) by training.

I believe that exercise is powerful medicine, but not enough people engage in the practice, especially strength training.

That is why I want to help you be successful, train regularly, develop strength, and cultivate wellness.

Photo of Stephen Lake Ph.D.

Stephen Lake Ph.D.

I bring a diverse background as a certified Tiny Habits coach to my coaching practice, Lithos Coaching.

I am…a philosopher priest…a bowler barista…a former COO of a multi-million dollar real estate business…and I work with families and individuals dealing with disability (especially autism). I have an entrepreneurial streak. I’m a productivity maven. And an inveterate walker!…

Photo of Melanie Lambert

Melanie Lambert

Melanie Lambert has 20+ years of experience in the not for profit and public sectors in the UK & Australia. Melanie is a certified PROSCI Change Manager and Tiny Habits Coach, and has postgraduate qualifications in Equality & Discrimination Studies and is a skilled and experienced human-centred design practitioner.
Melanie is an experienced mentor and coach and has supported emerging leaders across government and not-for-profit sectors to develop their leadership potential over the past 20 years.…

Photo of Anna Lee

Anna Lee

I’m a leadership development consultant based in Adelaide, South Australia, with a long-held fascination in the disconnect between what people know is worth doing, and what they *actually* do. Imagine my delight when I discovered Tiny Habits – a simple, fun tool that helps people to make small changes that can have a bit impact on their performance, relationships and wellbeing.…

Photo of Jennifer Lee, M.Ed.

Jennifer Lee, M.Ed.

As part of the Tiny Habits team, I help train and certify coaches in the Tiny Habits method. I also create curriculum and program materials for online and in-person courses, trainings, and events.

I have a life-long fascination with how our minds work. My graduate and postgraduate education focuses on teaching, learning, and cognitive neuroscience for education.…

Photo of Marjorie Leon

Marjorie Leon

Go Lifestyle Wellness
I am a plant based health and nutrition coach. I utilize Tiny Habits to help women take their heath back, how to be caretakers of themselves. In 30 days, we build healthy habits that stick and become automatic even if you have tried and failed a bunch of times before and if you have little confidence in your ability to do it now.…

Photo of Sheri Lilli

Sheri Lilli

I welcome the opportunity to share with you the Tiny Habits methods for behavior design and can also support your organization’s goal to develop a measures driven wellness program and provide quality educational programs. As a Certified Health Education Specialist with over 20 years of experience in the health care and wellness community, I have developed an employee wellness program in rural communities; created over fifteen education programs for youth, adults and seniors; and delivered over 500 seminars and health education classes.…

Photo of Glen Lubbert

Glen Lubbert

Glen Lubbert uses his background in behavior design, mindfulness, and technology to help people live happier, healthier, and more meaningful lives. His ongoing research into the intersection of tech and well-being leads him to constantly experiment with new ways to enhance human thriving.

The former founder and CEO of an award-winning, multi-million dollar health and medical industry-based tech and online marketing company with customers across the US, including Alcon Surgical,, HealthGrades, Johns Hopkins Hospital, the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the Cleveland Clinic, and thousands of medical practices, centers, and hospitals.…

Photo of Stephanie Marchusky

Stephanie Marchusky

I help families affected by ADHD find their calm and see the positives qualities of the diagnosis.

Photo of Martin Mark

Martin Mark

I am a Certified Tiny Habits® Coach and my big wish is to help my fellow introverts to develop themselves by teaching how to create new life changing tiny habits, so that they can improve constantly, without depending on motivation and willpower.

I am really passionate about reaching the goal of bringing at least one million good habits to the world together with the extraordinary introverts.

Photo of Katherine Miller

Katherine Miller

As an executive health and lifestyle coach, I help ambitious professional women and leaders increase their energy, stamina, and resilience so they can succeed, lead, and enjoy life like never before.

I find many women are just hitting their stride between the ages of 38-58. You’ve garnered the professional and life experience to live fully and creatively and reach new levels of personal growth and potential.…

Photo of Tracey Minutolo

Tracey Minutolo

I work with busy professionals who want to leverage a few key habits to propel their careers, to explore and grow a passion project or side business, and most importantly to stay healthy, well, and connected in their lives. I’m an Operations Project Manager (specializing in Continuous Improvement and Operational Excellence) at a global women’s health and diagnostics company.…

Photo of Seth Moody

Seth Moody

I do Continuous Improvement, process design, technical writing, and Improvement Kata coaching. For me, the principles behind Tiny Habits are extremely useful in facilitating organizational change. Organizational behavior is composed of the habits of individuals, and Tiny Habits helps each individual find precise ways of changing their behaviors.

Photo of Sukumar Rajagopal

Sukumar Rajagopal

Tiny Magiq is a digital transformation & behavior transformation enabler startup firm operational since Feb 2015. We enable teams & organizations envision & execute digital transformation programs using a patent-pending proprietary method called HiPoHa (High Performance Happily Achieved). Our innovative framework helps teams identify transformation opportunities within the scope and authority of their functional area/process/system. We then take the teams through a 120 day follow-on mentoring phase of the program to enable mindset change that is a key requirement for achieving transformational outcomes.…

Photo of Becca Reed

Becca Reed

A coach is an ally, who travels with you on your journey from who you are to who you wish to be. You set the pace and the milestones. I take the 10,000 foot view and keep you headed toward your destination. Together, we unlock your potential and a meaningful life.

Who I Work With
I specialize in executive women over 50 who love their careers and who want to stay sharp, energized, innovative, healthy and – last but not least – happy.…

Photo of Nicola Riva

Nicola Riva

My mission is to challenge the status quo so that people can make a difference in their lives. I imagine a world where “normal” people, like you and me, can access and use the same communication and negotiation tools used by ultrarich people, presidents, powerful people and secret agents to create more harmony, growth, wealth, union, respect and love.…

Photo of Greg Roche

Greg Roche

I’m a Tiny Habits coach who helps people create professional networking habits. Whether you are looking for a new job or new clients, networking is the key to finding new opportunities, but most people get overwhelmed thinking about networking. I use the Tiny Habits approach to help my students connect with new people on a daily basis and grow their network with small steps.

Photo of Christine Silvestri

Christine Silvestri

Never diet again!

Certified Tiny Habits Coach
Precision Nutrition Certified L2 Nutrition Coach
NASM Personal Trainer
Happiness Guru
Simple Living Enthusiast

Living to our fullest potential is a combination of factors. I help women break through their barriers in simple, smart and sustainable ways that align with who they are and how they live.…

Photo of Jessica Taylor

Jessica Taylor

I am passionate about using tiny habits to help myself have more success at my goals and an overall quality of life. I’ve used this to develop many new wellness habits. And have also found purpose in helping others do that same, so that each of our lights can shine bright!

Photo of Deborah Teplow

Deborah Teplow

Deborah is an expert in human performance, behavior design, and deliberate practice. Her clients include the New Jersey Prevention Network, the US Department of Health and Human Services, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Dakota, and Catholic Relief Services; plus medical, social service, and educational organizations around the world.

After earning her doctorate from Stanford and leaving academia after 10 years in health sciences and humanities, Deborah became an education partner with Indiana University School of Medicine and three state medical societies to develop continuing medical education for physicians.…

Photo of Erwin Valencia

Erwin Valencia

Behavior Design, Flow, Human Performance, Columbia University Certified Executive & Organizational Coach, Tiny Habits Certified, Bulletproof

Photo of Amy Vest

Amy Vest

Behavior Design Media
I help people develop skills for emotional resilience. In my 25+ years experience partnering with large organizations, I have designed behavior, media, and information that has fostered behavior change for thousands, and in some cases, even millions of people.

If you’ve read BJ Fogg’s Tiny Habits book, the included stories about “Amy” are mine.…

Photo of Maria Giovanna Vianello

Maria Giovanna Vianello

Maria Giovanna Vianello is an experienced ICF Executive Coach and OD Change practitioner and with more than 20 years of experience in consulting leaders and organisations. She works with and leaders, teams and organizations to facilitate culture change, support leadership development, talent management and enhance performance and effectiveness. Maria Giovanna is often asked to help people to broaden their perspectives, sharpen their skills and think more deeply about themselves.…

Photo of Tracy Watson

Tracy Watson

I help busy people improve their health and fitness. My specialties are beginners, those with health problems, and those who have “tried everything”. I have a Masters Degree in Exercise and Sport Science and I’m also certified by the American College of Sports Medicine as a Clinical Exercise Physiologist.

Photo of Andrew Wien

Andrew Wien

The Dynamic Leadership Center
We create effective and resilient leaders. We work with people in corporations to form habits around mindfulness and emotional intelligence, people management, time / email management, and stress management. Wow, that’s a lot of management!

Are you or the people you work with sometimes paralyzed by their to do list? Or send emails too quickly and regret what they’ve said?…

Photo of Andrew Yee

Andrew Yee

I love to help others design their lives so that they flourish in life, in relationships, and in work. My areas of expertise are Listening Skills, Habit Formation, Productivity, and Spiritual Formation.

In addition to my Coaching Certification in Tiny Habits, I am a trained spiritual director, teacher, theologian, and engineer. I currently oversee a startup online education program for a private university.…

Photo of Andrew Zimmermann

Andrew Zimmermann

After graduating from Stanford and spending time as a researcher in the Stanford School of Medicine and Behavior Design Lab, Andrew began to consult with companies helping them understand the behavioral drivers of their clients and build behavior modification and behavior change programs at scale including work with Nike, Genentech, AstraZeneca, and Becton Dickinson.

Currently, Andrew gives keynote presentations, conducts workshops, and consults clients on the application of behavioral psychology to industry challenges (also known as “Behavior Design”).…

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