Overcome the Frustrations of Habit Change in Your Clients with Tiny Habits® Academy Certification

Get trained by the creator of the Tiny Habits Method, unlock the science behind habit change, and watch your business grow.
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Your clients believe they can’t change, don’t know where to start, and become deterred by the lack of immediate results.

They may struggle with wanting perfection immediately or have difficulty sticking to plans.

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Despite your best efforts and correct guidance, you feel helpless and unsure of how to help your clients make lasting changes.

The lack of progress leaves you feeling defeated and questioning your ability to help.

Tiny Habits Academy offers a solution to overcome these challenges.

The Tiny Habits Method is a scientifically-backed approach that makes habit-creation easy and sustainable. With our training, you’ll help your clients take baby steps toward their goals, overcoming their perfectionist attitudes and difficulties sticking to plans. You’ll provide the guidance and support needed to ensure success and watch as your clients transform their lives for good.

Ready for A Better Solution?

Discover The Worlds’ Best Habit Creation Method

New habits and behaviors for your clients are a key part of what you do. Get certified to teach the Tiny Habits method and help your clients achieve a happier life.

Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg

Get Ready to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Tiny Habits helps doctors, coaches, teachers, and other professionals by giving them the tools to help their clients reach their goals one tiny habit at a time.

Health & Life Coaches

Doctors & Nurses


Personal Trainers




Therapists & Counselors

Career Coaches


Meditation Coaches

Financial Advisors

What Does Your Dream Career Look Like?

    • You’re able to hear your clients’ goals and are confident you have the tools to help them achieve and maintain them.
    • You’re passionate about your work because you see how your clients can find true change and get the results you’ve been helping them towards.
    • You’re building a reputation of excellence in your field thanks to your clients consistently getting incredible results.
    • You’re able to give your clients a solution and have them come back to you EMPOWERED because they actually made positive progress instead of trying and failing.

The Core of The Tiny Habits Certification Program

In less than two months, you will be equipped to help your clients create behavioral change that is sustainable and effective.

Weekly Live Classes

Get excited for seven interactive classes that are taught by the Director of Tiny Habits Academy, Linda Fogg-Phillips, M.S and Assistant Director of Tiny Habits Academy, Jennifer Lee, M.S.

Two-Week Apprenticeship

This apprenticeship changes the way you work by giving you hands-on, practical coaching experience to master the Tiny Habits Method. Our experts help you every step of the way, so you have constant support while you train this method.

Live Q&A Sessions with Dr. BJ Fogg

Get a chance to talk to Dr. Fogg directly about his research and creation of Tiny Habits. Dive into what makes this scientifically proven and outlast all the other habit building methods.

Exclusive Course Training and Resources

We will load you up with resources exclusive to our coach certification course. This includes research that isn’t in the Tiny Habits book, videos you can share with clients, coaching guides, and more


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At your own pace Tiny Habits Certification Training.

Helping Your Clients Create and Retain Habits

Discover how you can remove road blocks and eliminate the frustrations your clients are facing.

The Tiny Habits method breaks big changes down into tiny steps. And in doing so, creates fast wins for your clients. Soon these small changes will multiply and grow, along with your client’s happiness and transformation (and delight in your work and guidance!)  Change leads to change. Success leads to success. That’s why Tiny Habits works so well.

The Tiny Habits Method was created by Dr. BJ Fogg, a world-renowned behavior scientist from Stanford University

The certification is taught by Linda Fogg-Phillips, M.S., who has been teaching behavior change since 2008. This habit formation method is backed by years of research and real-life success stories.

Learn the right approach and watch as your clients achieve their goals and live their best lives.
Maria Hendershot
Tiny Habits Certified Coach

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Our Faculty

Brittany Power
Brittany Power
  • Tiny Habits Certified Coach since 2012
  • Tiny Habits Academy Course Manager
  • Tiny Habits for Moms course creator
  • Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach
  • Mom of 6
Andrea Spyros
Nancy DeFina
  • Tiny Habits Certified Coach since 2020
  • Tiny Habits Academy Community Manager
  • Behavior Design Bootcamp graduate
  • BA and MA in art history and museum studies
  • 25+ years of coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs
Andrea Spyros
Andrea Spryos
  • Tiny Habits Certified Coach since 2020
  • Tiny Habits Academy Panel Discussions Manager
  • Tiny Habits for Low-Sugar Living course co-creator
  • Behavior Design Consultant
  • Professional Speaker

Revolutionize the Way You Work in 7 Weeks

We have broken down our plan for teaching you the most effective behavior change method in the world. By the end of the 7 week curriculum, you will not only know the Tiny Habits method but you’ll be able to teach it as well.

WEEK 1: The Foundation of Behavior Design and Tiny Habits
  • Practice the fundamentals of the Tiny Habits Method
  • Go above and beyond what you read in Tiny Habits: The Small Changes that Change Everything
  • Learn applied and practical coaching exercises (and how to use the supporting resources to help your clients)
WEEK 2: Designing Recipes for Tiny Habits (Ability & Prompts)
  • Understand the core concepts of the Tiny Habits Recipe
  • Drill on fundamental skills for designing recipes
  • Learn the 7 ways to create recipes using the Tiny Habits Method
  • Approaches to coaching others in designing Tiny Habits Recipes
  • See real recipes from participants in the 5-Day Tiny Habits program and how to coach them to success
  • Finding your area of expertise to help your clients succeed 
WEEK 3: Your Superpower for Creating Habits: Emotions
  • Do a deep dive into the most important aspect of habit creation
  • Get clear on the fundamentals of what wires in a habit and how to fail-proof your coaching techniques in this skill
  • Clarify confusion about everyday terms that hold back your clients’ progress 
  • How to use key Tiny Habits Coaching Resources to teach the skill using emotions to create habits in a variety of contexts
WEEK 4: The Habit Garden: How to Iterate and Grow
  • Iteration, Growth and Transformation
  • How to revise a recipe that’s not working
  • 5 Key Skills for Growth and Transformation 
  • An analogy and resources to help your clients transform
  • The key to being the most impactful as a coach (and outperform your competitors)
WEEK 5: Your Apprenticeship: Coaching with Greenhouse
  • Learning the custom coaching platform to use for Tiny Habits
  • Create your coaching resources to be used during your Apprenticeship and beyond
  • How to be a 5-star Tiny Habits Certified Coach
  • Future success using the Tiny Habits method for your coaching practice (success leaves clues)
WEEK 6: Apprenticeship Week 1

Over the 2 weeks you will coach people that we assign to you to work with in the Tiny Habits Method. You’ll invest about 45 minutes each day — and by week two, you won’t need our help (although it’s always there if you do). At the end of each week of your Apprenticeship, we will gather your results, and present you with your own statistics and statements that show your impact (prepare to be delighted by them).

  • Review of the best practices for one-on-one coaching and group coaching using the Tiny Habits Method
  • How to coach in the Tiny Habits method using Greenhouse
  • Identifying features of best and worst recipes from real Tiny Habits participants
  • How to respond to key issues your clients will face
  • Business guidance to maximizing your Tiny Habits certification
WEEK 7: Apprenticeship Week 2

Your next steps as a Tiny Habits Certified Coach

  • Tools for Tiny Habits Presentations and teaching Tiny Habits Workshops
  • Designing your customized Tiny Habit plans for your clients

Get Certified and Licensed in the Tiny Habits Method and Get Access to A Growing Network and Exclusive Resources

When you complete our certification program, we offer you even more benefits to help your practice thrive.

As a thank you for getting certified, you get one year of your Tiny Habits License for free! With your certification and license, you get exclusive Tiny Habits support all year round.

    • Your own listing on our website under Coach Directory
    • Access to a Tiny Habits branded email
    • Marketing materials, like testimonials and statistics, to help promote your services
    • Access to bi-monthly training from Dr. BJ Fogg and Linda Fogg-Phillips, M.S.
    • 60+ Tiny Habits training videos to continue building your skills
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Certification Testimonials

Listen to the stories of individuals who have completed the program and discovered remarkable personal and professional growth.

Julie DeLucca-Collins

Go Confidently Services

Kristine Schaan

Thrive Certified Coach

Pam Marshall

Marshall Mindset Coaching

Tim Riddle

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Kate Hand


Behavior Change Is Possible

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