Tiny Habits Certification:
Help Your Clients Make Lasting Change

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You’re tired of seeing your clients struggle to make changes, and getting lackluster outcomes when they work with you as a result.

You’re a coach, personal trainer, nutritionist, a naturopath, a counselor, a psychotherapist, ​or a consultant and recommending new habits and behaviors for your clients is a key part of what you do. 



  • When you make a suggestion to your clients, they often say, “I don’t have time for that/I don’t know if I can do that”... (or some version of this demotivated push-back).
  • They lack the confidence that they can even make lasting changes, and that in itself breaks your heart — and okay, also frustrates you no end. ;-)  
  • You want to see your clients succeed, but right now you don’t know how. What you’re teaching them is so powerful — it’s just that they’re not actually doing it.

If you relate to ANY of this, you’re not alone. This is something that a lot of coaches, consultants, counselors (etc) face every day.

Because for most people, your clients included, trying to create new habits and change their habitual behavior feels hard, overwhelming, and even impossible. They’ve likely tried and failed many times before. And they’re most likely going about it completely the wrong way.

Relying on willpower and sheer “stick-with-it-ness” — which will ALWAYS run out, no matter how good your advice is… or how impactful it could be on their life.  

​Here at Tiny Habits Academy, we have good news for you, and for your client.

  • Behavior change doesn’t have to be difficult, intimidating or unsustainable.
  • It doesn’t have to end in failure and frustration every time.  
  • And it is possible to create new, lasting behaviors (that can literally transform the
    lives of your clients) — no willpower required — when you have the right approach.

Help your clients create new, lasting habits quickly and easily by leveraging the science of behavior-change and habit-formation.


Building a reputation of excellence in your chosen field, because your clients consistently get incredible results and positive outcomes when they work with you. 

… Being able to give your clients a suggestion, and have them come back to you excited and EMPOWERED because they actually made positive progress —  instead of feeling disappointed and demoralized, after trying to change and failing yet again.

… Feeling PASSIONATE about your work because you get to SEE your clients change and get the outcomes and results they’ve been hoping for.

… Hearing your clients’ goals and knowing that you have the tools to help them actually ACHIEVE them.

All of this is possible when you master the science of behavior-change. It’s time to stop watching your clients struggle, and start setting them up to succeed.

Hi there. I’m Dr. BJ Fogg, Stanford University Professor, Behavior Change Researcher, and Creator of The Tiny Habits Method. The Tiny Habits Method was borne out of 5+ years of intensive research into how human behavior really works.   

Where other approaches to habit change rely on willpower, the Tiny Habits method is simple, easy and approachable — making behavior change as easy as 1-2-3.

I tested the method on myself, my friends and family — and have shared with thousands of people around the world. And I witnessed remarkable success at all levels.  

People changing their health, their finances, their happiness, the relationships, their performance at work, their productivity at home.

Today, I’m sharing it with other like-minded professionals so that they can use this method to transform the lives of their clients (and improve their results) too.

Dr BJ Fogg | Tiny Habits


A 6-Week LIVE Training + Certification to school you up in the ‘Tiny Habits’ method — so can help your clients create new habits with ease (and without relying on willpower).

We will teach you, step-by-step, how to improve your clients’ lives using this breakthrough method, our

custom resources, and our exclusive digital platform.


SIX WEEKLY LIVE CLASSES:  Interactive classes in our virtual Zoom classroom, guided by your coach and trainer, Linda Fogg-Phillips, teaching you the Tiny Habits Methodology.  

Dr BJ Fogg will join us for part of each class to answer your questions and share his newest research into behavior design and habit formation. 

HANDS-ON APPRENTICESHIP: You wrap up the course with an apprenticeship to get hands-on experience to master the Tiny Habits method, and we help you every step of the way. (No panic or trepidation necessary).

THIS is what makes the Tiny Habits Certification Course so effective: You get real-world experience teaching this method, and our expert eyes and support as you do.

Each week you'll get access to:

  • ​Live Training/Q&A Call
  • ​Action Sheets
  • ​Coaching Resources
  • ​Audio Download
  • ​Additional Video Lessons
  • ​Personalized Support


  • ​Client referrals from Tiny Habits Academy.
  • A listing in the Tiny Habits Certified Coach Directory on our website. ​
  • Your own listing on our website, to market your services.
  • An opportunity to use a Tiny Habits branded email, should you wish.
  • Stats and testimonials about your effectiveness as a Coach, to use in your marketing.  



Which includes:

  • 6 weeks of training and live lessons
  • All material, resources, audio and video downloads
  • Apprenticeship in the Tiny Habits Method 1:1 session with Linda Fogg-Phillips to set you up for Apprenticeship success



  • Live virtual training (twice a month) with BJ and Linda for your continued learning.
  • Video recordings of past 3 months of coach trainings with BJ and Linda.
  • The Tiny Habits Library with all our teaching and coaching resources.
  • Membership to the Tiny Habits Certified Coaches private Facebook group.
  • 30+ additional Tiny Habits videos to increase your skills and use with your clients.

** Please note: There is a fee to maintain your License to use and share the Tiny Habits Method upon certification — the fee is $50 a month or $500 a year.


And learn the most effective behavior change method in the world.

Session Start Date: June 11th 
Classes Tuesdays at 11:00am PT

Session Start Date: J​uly 1st
Classes ​Mondays at 4:00pm PT

Session Start Date: July 23 
Classes Tuesdays at 12:00pm PT

What if you could promise amazing results and know you can get them?

You can! In just 6 weeks you could master the Tiny Habits method, and be ready to use it with your clients with complete confidence. 

Let’s look at what’s included at each step of the Tiny Habits Certification Course.


  • How (and why) habit formation is a skill (BONUS? It can be learned).
  • How to create “Success Momentum” for your clients to build confidence and results.
  • How to use our “Celebration Blitz” to lock in lasting change.
  • How to discover “Anchor Moments” so their new habit is implemented daily.


  • ​How to create (and fix) your clients’ custom Tiny Habit Recipe.
  • Two approaches to making behaviors smaller and easier.
  • How to pair the right “Anchor Moment” to a new “Tiny Behavior”.
  • How to quickly troubleshoot challenges your clients may have.


  • ​The 3 categories of Tiny Habits, and which one to choose for your client.
  • How to grow a Tiny Habit into a bigger habit, and scale your success.
  • How (and why) emotions create habits, and how to leverage that.
  • 10 ways to celebrate your Tiny Habits and find your natural, powerful celebration.


  • ​The most common Tiny Habits questions — and answers.
  • How to leverage a Super Habit and a Temporary Habits
  • The successful approaches to coaching your clients.
  • How to apply the Tiny Habits Method to your practice or business.


Over these 2 weeks you will coach 30 people in the Tiny Habits method. You’ll invest about 30 minutes each day — and by week two, you won’t need our help (although it’s always there if you do). At the end, we will gather your results, and present you with statistics and statements that show your impact (prepare to be delighted by them).

​We guarantee our training will make you a true expert in how to create new, lasting habits and change the lives of your clients.

Here’s some of the professionals who will benefit from this program:

  • Coaches
  • ​Consultants
  • ​Personal Trainers
  • Naturopaths
  • ​Nutritionists
  • ​Dieticians
  • ​Therapists
  • ​Counselors
  • Teachers
  • And more...

Armed with your Tiny Habits Certification you will be able to:

Improve your client’s success dramatically

Become an industry leader

Build a more successful career

Work from anywhere


And learn how to transform the health, happiness and life of your clients. 


Session Start Date: June 4th 
Classes Tuesdays at 9:00am PT

Session Start Date: June 11th 
Classes Tuesdays at 11:00am PT

Session Start Date: ​July 1st
Classes ​Mndays at ​4:00pm PT


Linda Fogg-Phillips, M.S., is the brawn behind the Tiny Habits programs, and your main teacher and Tiny Habits resource over the 6 weeks

Sister of Dr BJ Fogg, and a mother of 8 children, Linda knows how to design systems that work (and how to get her kids to do what they need to do – a  real-life behavior change lab 😜).

Her expertise includes behavior change in the world of health and wellness; and she has a Masters in Health Promotion and Exercise Physiology.

BJ and Linda have been best friends and ‘partners in crime’ for over 50 years — and have taught Behavior Change together with incredible results since 2008.

Linda Fogg Phillips | Tiny Habits


“I’ve been involved in working with individuals and groups for over 20 years, whether in corporate training programs, or as a self-employed personal coach. The Tiny Habits program is absolutely one of the most effective programs I’ve ever been involved in. 

I decided to do the Certification Program, so I could use the Tiny Habits process in my work with others. I don’t think I’ve ever gone through a training program that prepared me to work with others so well.  

Linda Fogg-Phillips is an excellent facilitator and coach. By the time I did the practicum, I had the tools, resources, confidence, and support to start helping others. Taking the Tiny Habits Coaching Certificate training is one of the best professional development decisions I’ve ever made.”

- Shawn Lock


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