Julie DeLucca-Collins Case Study

Julia DeLucca-Collins

Go Confidently Services

Julie received her Tiny Habits Certification in 2021. She helps business owners launch or grow a business, get clients, be productive, and beat overwhelm by creating daily strategies to be productive and get financial freedom.

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My name is Julie DeLucca-Collins, and I am a business and life strategy coach. I am also an author and speaker. Prior to this, I had a corporate career for over 20 years in education, and I knew that I wanted to be doing what I’m doing, which is helping women build the business that they want to get the freedom and flexibility and be confident doing so. And Tiny Habits is proudly the gift that someone decided that I should find.

My business is Go Confidently Services, and there is a wide array of services that we offer. The top service is coaching with me, and that is one-to-one or in a group setting. The other services that we offer is, I do speak speaking engagements for Fortune 500 or big companies as well. And I’ve worked also with colleges and universities. That’s another one of my signature products. And last but not least, is we have podcasting services. I started a podcast in 2020, and we’ve grown to be successful. I’m in the top 2.5%. We have clients that also want to continue to have their voice and message out there. So, we help them in creating not only editing, but also all the way up to helping them create the strategy and whatnot.

I heard a BJ Fogg in a room and Clubhouse, and I also heard Sarah Levine, who is another Tiny Habits coach, and I love Sarah. I was intrigued because I was in the process of writing a book about habits because for me, one of the things that I feel that had really impacted me, not only in my corporate career but in my business, is that I learn habits or behaviors from individuals who have been mentors throughout the years and have helped me. And I was really researching more into habits, and I asked to speak to Sarah, and she really walked me through the Tiny Habits process, and I said, oh, I’ve got to read the book. So, I got the book and once I read it, I thought, oh, this totally makes sense.

And yes, there’s some ingrained behaviors, but ultimately, I know that many of us revert to old behaviors, and we make ourselves feel really bad for not sticking to the thing that we want to do. And when I realized that the keystone for Tiny Habits is celebrations, I thought, okay, I got it. This, this is the secret sauce I think that I’ve been missing and keeping it tiny as well. So that’s how I started to implement it in my life. I went through the five day program. And this is what I do for, for my own coaching practice. I tell people that I am my best client. So any type of training or support that I leverage for my clients or certification that I have is really because I wanted it for myself to be able to help myself.

And that’s what I wanted to do. And why I wanted to go through the Tiny Habit Certification, and I signed up as soon as I knew that it was available because I wanted to be able to coach myself continuously and be able to support others. I’ve run very successful businesses for big companies before. But again, I think that there’s a different level as an entrepreneur, there’s things that you have to be able to wear different hats and navigate differently than you would, and I knew that the things that I was struggling with were not unique to me. And if I could create a framework for especially women who tend to beat themselves up, women who tend to be unsure and lack that confidence to run their business or take the next step, then I could support them better by using Tiny Habits. And that’s how I started. And again, I love talking about Tiny Habits. That’s one of my favorite topics when I’m interviewed in a podcast. I like to talk about it because I think that for the women in my business and the things that they’ve been able to accomplish, building a brand growing to consistent income monthly, it really has come from creating the daily action that is getting them traction just like it has for me.

Because I feel that what I have seen, and this is just very anecdotal, is that clients who use Tiny Habits that really implement it, they create consistency in the action as a business owner. They start to step into the role of CEO, which is really one of the things that I want them to be able to do. I believe that sometimes when we are running the business as the do it all, then we are really cheating ourselves of the potential for the business to have consistent income. And that’s one of the things that I have seen with my clients, that once they start to maybe create the consistent income producing activities, they’re marketing themselves, they’re spending time in the right things in their business as opposed to being distracted or creating things that maybe their VA could be working with them on.

And what I have noticed is that they’re able to increase the number of clients. I have a client, for instance, that prior to coming with, to work with me had a signature event and she always dreamed of selling out the event. She would get several people to attend but never sell out. In the past two years, she has not only sold out the event, but she’s also grown the event. And that really goes back to some of the things that we worked on. How when she comes up in the morning, she reviews her priorities for the event, she reviews who she’s spoken to and has created a lot of different recipes to work around that.

I got certified in the summer of 2021. And if someone is on the fence about being certified, don’t be on the fence. Jump in with both feet. Because the reality is that Tiny Habits is not something that you take off the shelf and then put back on the shelf. Tiny Habits it an identity as a person. For me it has become the foundation for a lot of the things that I do in personal life and in my business, and I love that we talk about the aspiration of who we want to become. And for me, it has allowed me to become a better version of Julie. Someone who has health goals, and Tiny Habits is supporting her in that way.

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