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Have you or your clients ever tried to make significant changes in your life, only to find yourself falling back into old habits in no time at all? Many people struggle to make meaningful changes last in their lives, which can leave them feeling overwhelmed and discouraged. This becomes a cycle of repeated attempts and failures, which can be frustrating and demoralizing. Without a sustainable and effective approach, it becomes almost impossible to achieve lasting behavior changes.
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This method really works.

In December 2011, the Tiny Habits® method was created by Stanford University-based Researcher Dr. BJ Fogg as a new way to effectively and easily create new habits by tapping the power of environment + baby steps.

Since then, we’ve been busy teaching this method worldwide & making behavior change doable, simple, and sustainable.

Our signature Tiny Habits Coach Certification trains coaches, consultants, counselors, and more to use this revolutionary method with their clients.

Now, you will have the power to help others change their behavior and create life-transforming habits — without relying on willpower.

Meet the Tiny Habits Team

BJ and Linda are a Brother-Sister Tag Team that are Spearheading Behavior Change

Their story started in Fresno, California, growing up in a family of 7 children. BJ and Linda have been best friends for over 50 years. Through the years, BJ refined his research and unlocked the secret to better habit creation. Once they developed the Tiny Habits, they didn’t look back. Linda and BJ began teaching as a dynamic duo in 2008. Since then, they have been helping change lives with the Tiny Habits Method.

Author BJ Fogg PHD
The Brains Behind the Tiny Habits Method

Dr. BJ Fogg

BJ’s expertise is creating systems to change human behavior — which is what he calls Behavior Design. He is a behavior scientist with decades of experience in studying behavior change and habit formation.

BJ is the Director of the Behavior Design Lab at Stanford University.

Linda Fogg-Phillips, M.S.
The Brawn Behind the Tiny Habits Programs

Linda Fogg-Phillips, M.S.

Linda knows how to design systems that work. As a mother of eight children, she lives in a real-life behavior change lab and has the success stories to back her systems.

Linda’s expertise includes behavior change in the world of health and wellness. She has been leading the Tiny Habits Academy and helping health professionals thrive in their work since 2012.

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