​The Tiny Habits Method:

Making Creating New, Lasting Habits as Easy as 1, 2, 3.

In December 2011, the Tiny Habits method was created by Stanford University-based Researcher Dr. BJ Fogg as a new way to effectively and easily create new habits by tapping the power of environment + baby steps.  

Since then we’ve been busy teaching this method worldwide & making behavior change doable, simple and sustainable. ;-)

Over 42,000 people have experienced the Tiny Habits method of developing habits, and more join the 5-day Tiny Habits program every week.

It’s a fun, easy way to quite literally change your life.

The Tiny Habits Academy — where you’ve arrived today — is the result of countless requests we’ve received to teach the Tiny Habits method in more depth beyond the free ‘5 Day Tiny Habits Program’.   

Our signature ‘Tiny Habits Coach Certification’ trains people (like Coaches, Consultants, Counselors and more) to use this revolutionary method in their professional lives, and to help others change their behavior and create life-transforming habits — without relying on willpower.  

Meet The Tiny Habits Team:

Dr BJ Fogg | Tiny Habits

BJ Fogg, PhD, is the brains behind the Tiny Habit method.  

BJ’s expertise is creating systems to change human behavior — which is what he calls Behavior Design.  BJ is the Director of the Persuasive Technology Lab at Stanford University.

Linda Fogg Phillips | Tiny Habits

Linda Fogg-Phillips, M.S., is the brawn behind the Tiny Habits programs.  

As a mother of 8 children, she knows how to design systems that work (and how to get her kids to do what they need to do – a real-life behavior change lab ;-) ).  Linda’s expertise includes behavior change in the world of health and wellness, and she has been leading the Tiny Habits Academy since 2012.

Tiny Habits Academy | Dr BJ Fogg, Linda Fogg Phillips

BJ and Linda are a brother and sister team… 

The Donny and Marie of behavior change, so to speak. ;-) They grew up in a family of 7 children in Fresno, California. BJ and Linda have been best friends for over 50 years (since BJ was born. Yes, Linda is the older sibling even though BJ is the wiser one!) and have taught together since 2008.  (And even though they don’t sing and dance in class, you will be sure to be entertained by this dynamic brother and sister duo.)

Join over 42,000 people who have taken the 5-Day Tiny Habits Program and learn how to change your habits, one baby step at a time. (It’s FREE!)