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Join over 65,000 people and learn how to change your habits, one baby step at a time. (It’s FREE!)

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Think creating new habits is hard, uncomfortable, intimidating, or even impossible? You’re not alone.  But the good news is, it's NOT!

At Tiny Habits Academy we teach people how to create new lasting habits, quickly and easily — using the breakthrough science-based method called Tiny Habits®.  

Created by Dr. BJ Fogg, Director of the Behavior Design Lab at Stanford University — the Tiny Habits® method makes habit-creation easy, sustainable and approachable.

So, whether you want to...

  • develop more robust routines
  • lose weight
  • be better at budgeting
  • get fit
  • be more productive at work and at home
  • [insert your desired behavior here]
  • Or help your clients change their habits with more success…

You’re in the right place. We offer a hugely-popular free course, plus coaching and certification in the Tiny Habits Method.


See what our coaches are saying about how getting certified as a Tiny Habits Coach has impacted them personally and their business professionally.

Kirsten Leng

Keynote speaker, facilitator, and performance coach

Do it! What you learn, working with BJ, Linda, Jen, Andy, and the team is amazing. The community post-training is AMAZING, the ongoing learning from Linda and BJ is fantastic! Don't hesitate, just do it.

Thomas Schmeding

Owner and coach - tjs nutrition

My Tiny Habits Certification training has helped me better coach my clients and help them create a lifestyle of healthy habits. As a nutrition coach, I have helped many others using the Tiny Habits method. Do it! It has helped not only myself, but the hundreds I have coached!

Shawn Russell

Certified coach and founder of abc habits

The Tiny Habits Certification has allowed me to step into an official role as a coach with a particular specialty and it's given me tremendous tools and an amazing model and method to draw upon. Every time I share the Tiny Habits method with someone, it 1) creates a sense of hope for them, and 2) has helped them accomplish their goals. Do it!

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Join over 65,000 people and learn how to change your habits, one baby step at a time. (It’s FREE)

100% Free. No strings attached.