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Think creating new habits is hard, uncomfortable, intimidating, or even impossible? You’re not alone.  But the good news is, it's NOT!

At Tiny Habits Academy we teach people how to create new lasting habits, quickly and easily — using the breakthrough science-based method called Tiny Habits®.  

Created by Dr. BJ Fogg, Director of the Behavior Design Lab at Stanford University — the Tiny Habits® method makes habit-creation easy, sustainable and approachable.

So, whether you want to...

  • develop more robust routines
  • lose weight
  • be better at budgeting
  • get fit
  • be more productive at work and at home
  • [insert your desired behavior here]
  • Or help your clients change their habits with more success…

You’re in the right place. We offer a hugely-popular free course, plus coaching and certification in the Tiny Habits Method.



Check out Mike's video testimonial

Tiny Habits is a method you can use in any area of your life. I can say this was life-changing for me. Not only are they great teachers and you learn the method in-depth, but you also have great fun along the way. I am now a certified licensed tiny habits coach and I would like to say to you that if you are considering doing this, don’t hesitate. This was one of the best things I have done in my life.

Mike Florette - Certified Tiny Habits Coach at MF Chefsutveckling AB

Before finding the Tiny Habits Certification Course, I was looking for practical ways to help my coaching clients get tangible results at an earlier stage in their coaching journey.

The training has enabled me to become a more effective coach, by providing an easy to understand, yet research-backed method that my clients can use in any aspect of their lives. Also, working with the Academy has opened doors for me to run client workshops and develop an online training course way ahead of my original plans. Almost everyone who I have taken through the Tiny Habits Method and Fogg Behaviour Model has commented that they have seen results for themselves and often also for their families.

Stop thinking about it and sign-up, you won't regret it!

Graham Dodds - Founder, Quiet Leaders Academy

Check out Sunny's video testimonial

From my own personal journey, I have become more aware of the fact that I have so many moments in my life that I can put pauses in certain parts of my day so that I can boost my energy. With Tiny Habits, we can shift anything in life effortlessly and easily and that’s how powerful this can be.

Peiming Sun (Sunny) - Life Strategist

I wanted tools to help my clients more easily implement new desired behaviors. The Tiny Habits method has become my go-to tool for supporting my clients in this area. I find that it is so easy to implement, quickly creates evidence that they can succeed, and creates momentum to grow their new habits as well as expands their beliefs that they achieve what they set out to do. I was already familiar with the method and had read the book, but the Tiny Habits certification training brought a much deeper understanding of the Tiny Habits method and how to teach it and troubleshoot problems with clients. Even if you don't intend to coach clients using the method, the certification program is worth it for the value it brings to your own life.

Denee Choice - Owner - Choice Wellness

Check out Shawn's video testimonial

The Tiny Habits Certification has allowed me to step into an official role as a coach with a particular specialty and it's given me tremendous tools and an amazing model and method to draw upon. Every time I share the Tiny Habits method with someone, it 1) creates a sense of hope for them, and 2) has helped them accomplish their goals. Do it!

Shawn Russell - Certified Coach and Founder of ABC Habits

My time in the Tiny Habits Academy has helped me craft my approach to behavior change coaching with clients quickly, efficiently, and effectively. As a coach that focuses on helping people develop their emotional intelligence, behavior change is at the core of everything I do to help my clients elevate their lives both personally and professionally. This program has been an absolute game-changer for me, and I'm so excited to see the outcomes my clients have with Tiny Habits now in their toolboxes. If you're on the fence about this program, take the leap of faith. A group of dedicated coaches will be here to help and support you all along the way.

Dominic Michalec - NASM-CWC, BCS

Check out Zeinab's video testimonial

I am really really happy that I got trained as a Tiny Habits Coach. I think it’s one of the best decisions that I ever made. It has really changed the way that I feel about my work, about coaching, and it’s changed my business. Another thing that continues quite beautifully is the support that BJ and Linda give us with the consistent training and meetings and connections thanks to their ability to reach out and make us feel positive. A big thank you to the Tiny Habits Academy and team and I would do it all over again.

Zeinab Agha - Life Coach, Writer, and Public Speaker

I became a Tiny Habits coach because of my own life-changing experience. The academy gave me the place to hear from others, build comradery and give good thought to my coaching approach.

Janine Nelson - Human Resources in Higher Education

Do it! What you learn, working with Bj, Linda, Jen, Andy, and the team is amazing. The Community post-training is AMAZING, the ongoing learning from Linda and BJ is fantastic! Don't hesitate, just do it.

Kirsten Leng - Keynote Speaker, Facilitator, and Performance Coach

I wanted to help my clients to really bring changes into their life. Not only learn in theory how they can lead a happy, meaningful, conscious but have a tool to help them embrace change. When I heard about Tiny Habits I had that feeling: That's it! I need to know more about it. I have a lot of beautiful new Tiny Habits that make me feel happier, healthier, and also more successful. Can small habits really change your life? I believe they can. Using the Tiny Habits method I have created new habits that help me in all areas of my life: professionally as a Happiness Trainer, personally as a friend, partner, mother, and human being. Definitively the right decision. Very well-invested money.

Jasmin Lotter - Happiemotion Happiness Trainer

Check out Julie's video testimonial

I completed the Tiny Habits Certification in 2020 and it’s literally changed the course of my life and my client's lives. What I notice in my life is that I form habits better when I am feeling good about what I am doing instead of beating myself up about it. From that what I’ve taught my clients is that they change best about what they are doing instead of beating themselves up over the mistakes that they’ve made. I invite you to strongly consider incorporating more habits into your life and keep them tiny.

Julie Bergfeld - Health and Wellness Coach / Tiny Habits Coach

Check out Thomas's video testimonial

My Tiny Habits Certification training has helped me better coach my clients and help them create a lifestyle of healthy habits. As a nutrition coach, I have helped many others using the Tiny Habits method. Do it! It has helped not only myself but the hundreds I have coached!

Thomas Schmeding - Owner and Coach - TJS Nutrition

Check out Chris's video testimonial

The Tiny Habits course for me was a bit of a game-changer. I give people the tools and the know-how but until my clients cement these as habits they really make end roads into changing their health. The tiny habits course was a perfect fit for what I do and I am so thankful I came across it and thankful that I have done it. I would highly recommend if anyone is sitting on the fence thinking about it that you take the leap because it’s not something you will regret.

Chris Hughes - Accredited Dietitian / Accredited Sports Dietitian / Diabetes Educator

The Tiny Habits Certification training taught me the importance of creating new behaviors which last. It made me focus on what's important in life. Get ready to improve your life one small step at a time. We all want to grow and have BHAG goals. However, most people don't succeed to the fact that they make the goals too big and are overwhelmed by the amount of work ahead of them. This is why Tiny Habits is so powerful. Consistency and moving forward on a daily basis, will make people keep the momentum and slowly but surely keep moving forward towards their goals. It is easier to climb a small hill than Mount Everest on the first try. MAP your life by starting tiny.

Guy Daigneault

Check out Kris's video testimonial

Being part of a small group and getting hands-on experience with the model and getting the chance to coach Habiteers really made me feel confident right away. Just being a certified tiny habits coach gives me street cred. It’s a proven method and I feel good that when I am offering my products and services that I am backed by something as scientifically proven as the Tiny Habits Method. You get incredible access to experts and the thing that was most surprising to me was the fact that I feel like I am part of a community. Part of something bigger than myself with people that are passionate about behavior change and talking about it together and learning from each other. I am glad I became a Tiny Habits Certified Coach.

Kris Jennings - Creator / Coach / Consultant

I started studying BJ’s behavior model and his recipe-making formula and incorporating the principles of Tiny Habits into my life. I knew that becoming a certified coach was my next step. I wanted to surround myself with like-minded positive problem-solvers. I wanted to share how I’ve been transforming my own life, to continue to empower other people, and to help them feel shine!

The greatest personal impact has been that Later has become Now more often because I am out of my head and in action. My identity has shifted to being a person who is in the moment, procrastinates less due to fear of being less than, and feels confident and successful as I grow my coaching business. Thank you, BJ, Linda, Jennifer, et al!!

Val McKinley - Speech-Language Pathologist

Check out Maria's video testimonial

If you're thinking about joining the Tiny Habits community, go ahead. Put some positivity in your toolbox and feel free to raise your expectations because you’re about to improve people’s lives and help them achieve lasting change while trusting their own skills and enjoying the process.

Maria Salame - Tiny Habits Coach

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